TRADITIONS, CUSTOMS, AND THINKING. Nigerians have actually many different traditions and lore dating back again to antiquity.

TRADITIONS, CUSTOMS, AND THINKING. Nigerians have actually many different traditions and lore dating back again to antiquity.

Nigerians have actually a number of traditions and lore dating back again to antiquity. As an example, peeking in the eggs by which a hen is sitting ended up being considered to allow you to be blind. Performing while washing you could end up a moms and dad’s death. a woman that is pregnant consumed pork may have an infant having a mouth like this of a pig. Among the list of Yoruba it absolutely was thought that there have been spirits concealed in streams and hills in a variety of urban centers. as these spirits are there to guard the folks, these were not to ever be disrupted on particular times of the week. In virtually all Nigerian societies, there clearly was a stronger belief that most condition and death are caused supernaturally, by witchcraft, curses, or charms. Witches usually are women that are elderly. For some time the Ibos believed that twins had been an abomination and killed them at delivery. Among a few of the Hausa people, it had been thought that marrying a Yoruba girl could cause mystical risks such as for instance serious nausea and sometimes even death. Given that immigrants became acculturated in to the US culture, these thinking and superstitions had been forgotten.

In a lot of Nigerian countries elders are allowed to be offered first throughout a dinner but keep meals when you look at the dish when it comes to kiddies for eating as leftovers. The proverb, “the elder whom consumes all their food will clean their own dishes,” attests to the belief. Nonetheless, in lots of Nigerian American houses kids are served before grownups, an illustration for the influence that is western the requirements of the child come first.


Listed below are some common Nigerian proverbs: The voyager must fundamentally get back house; Death will not recognize a master; a international land understands no celebrity; An elephant is a hare in another city; The competition of life is never ever tiresome; The nocturnal toad doesn’t run through the day in vain; a kid would you perhaps perhaps maybe not understand the mom will not go out to welcome her; If wild birds usually do not look for a reason for quarrel, the sky is wide sufficient to allow them to travel without interference; it’s not an issue to supply a glass or two of wine to a monkey, however the issue is to simply just take away the glass from him; numerous words try not to fill a container; the fact is a lot better than cash; In the event that elephant won’t have sufficient to consume into the woodland, it sets the woodland to pity.

There is certainly a mine of proverbs in Pidgin English: “Man wey fool na him loss” (it’s the trick that loses); “Lion de sick no be say goat fit go salute am for home” (Just because the lion is ill does not always mean the goat can go mature quality singles dating site login directly to the lion’s home to welcome him); “Monkey no fine but im mamma like am therefore” (The monkey might not look handsome, but their mother likes him while he could be); “Cow wey no get tail na God dey drive him fly” (Jesus drives away the flies through the cow with out a end).


Ask those who have tasted Nigerian cuisine, and another response is nearly guaranteed—hot. There’s no typical Nigerian American meal. On the list of Yoruba, dinner may contain two meals: a starch form of dough derived from corn or guinea corn, or mashed vegetables that could be served with stew. The stew is prepared in typical Yoruba means making use of palm oil, meat, chicken, or any other game prepared with several spices and veggies, flavored with onions or bitterleaf leaves. a typical yoruba meals is Garri, produced from the origins of cassava (manioc).

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